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Communication Lessons Learned from Netflix’s “Love is Blind”

Andrew Adams

If you haven’t binge-watched “Love is Blind” on Netflix yet, you’ve missed out on one of reality tv’s wildest rides. The premise of the show is simple. Netflix filmed a group of singles trying to find love without seeing each other in person. After connecting with another participant, the two love birds can see each other … after a proposal, of course. The couples are fast-forwarded through an engagement, moving in together, and finally getting married in just a few weeks.

“Love is Blind” may be just another reality show, but there were quite a few lessons learned about how to interact with your potential customer. If you watch for themes in the show, you will quickly realize the importance of communication, honesty, and transparency.

Be Upfront

The participants in “Love is Blind” get to know each other without actually seeing the other person. They’re placed in pods with an adjoining wall, and they fall in love - or don't - through that one wall. They have important conversations about what they’re looking for, plans for the future, and their ideal life. And while your clients aren’t looking to marry you, they are looking for the right fit for their problem. They’ll also do quite a bit of research without seeing you first. Think of your digital footprint and reputation as the “Love is Blind” pod.

Clients may find you through Google, your social media, or some other medium, but they want to get to know your company and discover if you’re the right fit. This research phase often happens before they’ve even interacted with you. You should use this introductory phase to be upfront about your services, your process, and other things they should know about your business. You don’t want to be like Kyle and Shaina and realize that you have a fundamental difference with your client after you’ve said I do. Being upfront solves this problem.

Communicate Throughout the Process

Depending on your industry, potential clients may not have a lot of time to research and decide about you. They may need your services today, and your ability to communicate with them is paramount. Throughout “Love is Blind,” each participant faces a situation where they miscommunicated or could not share something important in their relationship. To alleviate any miscommunication, make sure you communicate any pertinent details for your customers. Are there scheduling conflicts? Supply chain issues? An overbooked schedule? This information is essential to tell prospects before they say “I do” and close the deal.

While your honesty is paramount throughout your digital presence, this portion of communication often comes after they’ve contacted you and shown an interest. Scheduling, payment processing, and project management are often factors that potential clients evaluate when choosing who to hire, and you want them to have the correct information. Sometimes, in “Love is Blind,” a participant chooses between two potential spouses, and the decision is last minute. The same can happen with your potential customer, they may be looking at you and a competitor, and one small thing could tip the scale to make the decision.

Be Ready to Say “I do”

The final episode of “Love is Blind” shows each couple at the altar; the viewer eagerly awaits to see if they say “I do” or “I don’t.” Netflix throws in some anxiety-inducing editing and ominous music as you wait. And let’s be honest, some of the couples say no. Why? For many, it's a lack of information and doubting if it's the right fit. Like your potential customers, they want to be confident in their decision, and they may not have been 100% sure when they had to make the call.

In “Love is Blind,” many couples who say “no” decide to continue exploring the relationship. They want to learn more about each other and define the relationship better. This is a great lesson for local business owners. A potential customer saying no doesn’t always mean they don’t want to hire you. They may want more information or a referral from a friend. They need something else to woo them. You can find ways to continue the conversation with them and tell more of your story. A newsletter is a great way to keep the relationship open. You can also send them a discount of some kind the next time they need your services. Find ways to keep growing the relationship and see if you can impress them enough to say “I do.”

In all honesty, reality shows are cheesy and most likely scripted, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a few lessons along the way. If you’re up for it, binge-watch season 2 of “Love is Blind.” And if you’re not up for that commitment, focus on how you communicate with potential customers, make sure you’re authentic online, and always continue the conversation.