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American Mechanical, Inc.

All of the Magic: Driving a Top Home Services Company to New Heights

Stale Marketing & No Collaboration

Growing up, John Cornett was always good at fixing things. After completing rigorous training and certification courses and working in the HVAC industry for over a decade, he decided to start his own company. American Mechanical has provided quality workmanship and honest service to customers in the greater Virginia coastal area since 1994.

Before Scorpion, American Mechanical had a marketing vendor and they were doing alright, but things were getting stale. There was no collaboration to generate new ideas. So, John started looking for a partner who could take his company to the next level. He talked to a couple of different companies, but it was Scorpion’s promise to provide personal dedication that sealed his decision to partner with our team.

John Cornett

Dedication & Results

John’s high standards extended to his branding and marketing, and he had ambitious goals set for his business. We put our experience and technology to work right away, building a visual identity that matched his company’s trusted name and increasing American Mechanical’s visibility to bring in new customers. American Mechanical saw significant results, going from $7.8 million in gross revenue in 2017 to $12 million in 2018.

Mechanic working on HVAC

Steady Growth

Since partnering with Scorpion, American Mechanical has seen growth every year. John and his team have received the personal dedication they were promised, plus the results that more than justify their decision to find an innovative partner. In all, the company has grown by about 25%.

John, it’s been our pleasure to contribute to American Mechanical’s growth, and we’re always ready to bring the magic to make your goals a reality!

“I know what Scorpion is to me. And Scorpion is the partner of America Mechanical to provide branding, provide SEO, provide SEM, and all of the magic that your team does for marketing your partners. I would absolutely recommend Scorpion to any other business.”

John Cornett

President, American Mechanical, Inc.