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Building a New HVAC Business on a “Hope and a Prayer”

CJ's Heating and Cooling

Ready for a Change

After 15 years in the HVAC industry, Chris Jerolaman was tired of how his employers cut corners and lied to customers. He wanted to start his own company, built on honesty, quality workmanship, and real customer service. He didn’t have any money set aside to start a new company, but he took a leap of faith. He quit his job and started CJ’s Heating & Cooling with his wife, Lindsay.

Their first jobs came from word of mouth and online ads. They even hired a company to build a website, with disappointing results. It looked terrible, and the few calls it generated came from people outside of their service area. Something had to change.

According to Lindsay, “We started CJ’s Heating & Cooling on a hope and a prayer with $0 in starting capital, so it was a real struggle. We realized that if we wanted to stay in business, we had to find a marketing company that really knew what they were doing.”

Technician working on HVAC item

“The Difference Was Like Night and Day”

As a new company, CJ’s needed to build trust and visibility in their community. So, we created a website that conveyed the sense of care and quality that Chris and Lindsay were committed to delivering. We created strategic campaigns to drive the right traffic to their site. “The difference was like night and day," said Lindsay. "We went from having a really generic website to a site with a flawless layout and design that makes us stand out from our competition.” 

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Focusing on What Counts

When CJ’s Heating & Cooling came to Scorpion, they got more than a vendor. They got a collaborative partner who made their lives easier while helping them grow their new business from the ground up. Chris and Lindsay have the freedom to focus more on completing jobs, managing the business, and spending time with their four kids. They’ve even hired another tech to help Chris in the field.

Lindsay and Chris, it’s a pleasure working with you, and we can’t wait to push for more growth and success for years to come!

“Scorpion delivers a higher return on investment than any other marketing company we’ve ever worked with!”

Lindsay Jerolaman

Co-Owner, CJ's Heating and Cooling