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Finding a trusted marketing partner

Gaining a better understanding of their digital presence

Stellar customer service has kept Frames Pest Control in business for over three generations. Now, with 35 employees and two locations, general manager BJ Gall knew the company needed to continue to evolve to maintain longevity and keep pace with new digital demands.

But like any specialized type of business, the pest control industry has its own unique marketing challenges. Frames Pest Control had previously engaged another marketing partner, but found themselves without a partner with the industry expertise needed to drive real results.

“We ultimately took on a lot of marketing activities internally, but we needed a better understanding of how the digital space works for our industry and our area.”

That’s when they reached out to Scorpion.

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A Trusted Partner

Creating content and building effective content campaigns takes time — and that’s time Frames Pest Control would prefer to spend providing exceptional customer service. With Scorpion, Frames Pest Control not only has a trusted partner they can rely on in a pinch, but a team of experts that truly understands their business and can help them create more content that informs and builds trust with customers.

“We didn’t want to keep content creation internal, but it was a constant struggle to create content and we ended up having to create a lot of content ourselves,” BJ said. “Now we’ve got a partner with industry expertise to help.”

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Scorpion Executions and Results

  • Gaining a better understanding of their digital presence

    Frames Pest Control has never had much trouble keeping the phones ringing. But over the last decade, keeping up with the pace of digital business has been a challenge. From going all digital and paperless to managing their online presence to finding and hiring employees to keep pace with demand, they needed a partner that could guide their marketing — and their business — in the right direction.

    With Scorpion, the team has 24/7 access to an online dashboard that provides real-time updates on every piece of their marketing puzzle. The Scorpion team is also on call to ensure an up-to-date and consistent digital presence and to help answer any urgent questions about their website or marketing performance.

    “Our phones were always ringing, but we wanted a better understanding of knowing what our money was doing and better analytics across the board,” BJ said.

    Taking their marketing to a whole new level

    Frames Pest Control continues to put their customers first—and it’s resulted in a 90% customer retention rate. With Scorpion’s help, they’ve got the support they need to know they’re marketing is working so they can be equally responsive for their customers.
    “Knowing what we know now, we would have made this shift a long time ago,” said Gall. “We have more time and confidence in our digital marketing.”

    BJ Gall

    General Manager, Frames Pest Control