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Gardner Law, PLLC

Turning a 6-Month-Old Immigration Practice into a Trusted Community Firm

Gardner Law, PLLC

Newly Launched & Underrepresented

When Attorney Gigi Garder decided to build her own firm, she knew building from scratch wouldn’t be an easy feat. However, her dedication to succeed pushed her to establish Gardner Law Firm, P.C., an immigration firm set in Raleigh, North Carolina—despite it being one of the least lucrative legal specializations in the industry. Regardless, founder Gigi Gardner knew she had something extra to offer those in need of immigration legal services, which is why she built her own website and pushed through to make the firm a reality.

Unfortunately, Gigi quickly learned that creating a firm isn’t the same as building a business, which is why she realized she needed help from a partner who knew how to bring in clients and put Gigi’s legal knowledge to work. Enter: Scorpion.

Gigi Gardner

The Partnership They Were Waiting For

As soon as Gigi made the decision to bring her firm to Scorpion, she began to see how our strategies would help Gardner Law Firm, P.C. reach their goals. We put a team to work for her and quickly developed a strategic advertising campaign that would help garner the business the firm needed to thrive. This included a new, more professional website to more accurately represent their firm and to improve rankings. Ultimately, the goal was to get on page #1 of Google.

Gigi Gardner

A Bright Future

Partnering with Scorpion has proved instrumental to Gardner Law Firm, P.C., resulting in an average of 2.6 new leads each day, and approximately $588K in cash-value directly attributed to digital marketing. To boot, the firm is ranking on Google for critical search terms, ensuring potential clients have eyes on their firm first.

Gigi, we’re glad you came to us for your marketing needs, and we look forward to seeing what we can accomplish next!

“When you hire Scorpion to help your law firm grow, you’re hiring a team of trained professionals that genuinely care about YOU, your goals, and your objectives. At this point, they’re not a marketing vendor—they’re a part of my firm.”

Gigi Gardner

Attorney, Gardner Law, PLLC