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Johnson Law Group

Doubling Business with Next-Level Marketing & Real-Time Tracking

Lacking in Proper Marketing

Johnson Law Group is an established Central Illinois criminal defense firm with over a century of legal experience. Before Scorpion, they thought they had things under control when it came to their marketing—they were studying, going to conferences, and trying to be on the cutting edge, but it was apparent that something else was needed to take the firm to the next level.

According to Brent Wright, an Investigator at the firm, “We thought we were on top of things when it came to marketing...frankly, we've learned over the years that we were really lacking there.”

So, Johnson Law Group came to Scorpion for an online presence and marketing campaign that matched their attorneys’ skill and expertise.

The Johnson Law Team

Transparency & Results

In partnering with Johnson Law Group, our team recognized the importance of creating the right brand, maximizing the firm’s visibility, and providing full transparency so Brent and the team could see precisely where their marketing dollars were going. “All that information's just valuable. That data is very valuable,” said Brent. “And it's really helped take a lot of pressure off our staff so they can focus on other things, like our clients.” With trackable results, Johnson Law Group quickly saw how their new marketing plan was performing.
The Johnson Law team

More Than a Vendor

Johnson Law Group has essentially doubled their business since partnering with Scorpion, and we’ve focused on providing the level of support and smarter marketing strategies that have helped us become more than just a marketing company. Our team operates as an extension of the practice, working day in and day out to secure their future success.

To Brent and the entire team at Johnson Law Group, we’re excited to have played a part in your success thus far, and we look forward to even more growth.

“By having Scorpion handle our marketing campaign, I can focus on what my job is, and I don't have to worry about these other issues...It's really been quite a bond that frankly, I wasn't expecting to have when you're with a marketing company.”

Brent Wright

Investigator, Johnson Law Group