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Law Office of Kevin Cahill

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Law Office of Kevin Cahill

Not Enough Calls

After starting his own Denver criminal defense firm in 2014, attorney Kevin Cahill did the right thing: he hired a marketing company to increase visibility and bring in more clients. Unfortunately, the results were disappointing. He found himself having to accept virtually every case—even the ones he didn’t want—just to try to make a living.

“At the time I just wasn’t getting enough calls,” said Kevin. “And I wasn’t busy enough. March and April were very slow, and I knew it wasn’t working. I’m a big proponent of things working fine and going with it, and changing things when they aren’t.”

Scorpion was the change he needed.

Attorney Kevin Cahill

More Clients & Revenue

Helping Kevin’s practice get out of the rut it was in wouldn’t be easy, but our team was prepared to make it happen. We planned a full website redesign and new marketing and advertising strategies to increase lead volume and quality. Kevin saw the results he needed. “I’m getting way more clients now,” he said. “The amount of revenue that I generate compared to before is so night and day.”
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The Right Cases

Averaging 131 leads per month with a lead-to-call rate of 77%, the Law Office of Kevin Cahill is seeing results that will drive the firm to new heights. Before, Kevin used to take clients and cases that were far from ideal. With Scorpion, he can afford to be picky with his work for the first time in his career.

Kevin, thank you for trusting your practice with our team. We’re excited to continue pushing for your success for years to come!