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From Financial Hardship to Record-Breaking Client Intakes

O'Malley Law Office, LLC

Struggling to Keep the Practice Open

“Better days are coming.” For John O’Malley, these four words served as the driving force behind his family law practice. Growing up, John heard these words all the time from his father, who was also a family law attorney. Later in life, they kept John focused on what his job was all about—helping clients through some of the most challenging times of their lives, like divorce.

So, John knew better things were in store when he faced his own rough patch. With O’Malley Law Office LLC only getting 2 to 3 clients a month, business had never been slower. John could barely afford to pay himself, let alone a part-time secretary. Realizing it was time for a change, John hired an Internet marketing company to attract more clients, but he saw poor results. Undeterred, he tried again—this time with Scorpion.

John O'Malley

Taking a Risk with the Help of a Trusted Team

Knowing that the Internet is one of the leading ways people find attorneys today, our team at Scorpion developed a plan to help John reach more clients online. For John, investing in his digital presence at a time when he was struggling to make ends meet felt like a huge risk, but he decided to move forward. He soon saw that our team was just as invested in his success as he was, and that gave him the confidence to develop his digital brand even further, which led to phenomenal growth.
Law Offices of O'Malley Firm

A Partner Serving as an Extension of the Firm

In his first 18 months with Scorpion, John saw a major uptick in quality leads, a 20% conversion rate for his firm’s Internet leads, and a 300% spike in revenue. “We’re getting more intake meetings and more clients than we’ve ever had—last month we had 14 new clients, and our IOLTA balance is higher than it’s ever been,” John said.

John admits that he initially didn’t know if his firm was going to make it, but that all changed once he found a marketing partner he could trust as if they were part of his staff. We’re happy to say that John’s firm not only bounced back from its financial hardship, but it grew and became a more competitive player in its local market.

John, we appreciate your vote of confidence. We’re here for you every step of the way!

“Family law is more marketing-driven than ever before, and when it comes to marketing, you just don’t see delivery for your dollar the way you see it with Scorpion. These people are not a gamble—they’re a sure thing."

John O'Malley

Founder, O'Malley Law Office, LLC