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Pilgrim Plumbing needed a better way to get its name in front of its target customers

Setting Out to Build a More Marketable Brand

By the time January of 2021 had come around, Brian knew he wanted to do more for his plumbing company. Pilgrim Plumbing had launched eight years previously and was making a name for itself, but Brian wanted to grow it from a one-man show to a fully-fledged company.

He made a goal to employ more people, redesign the look of his brand, and continue to grow in the state of Massachusetts.

In order to meet his goals, he hired a marketing company to help. But that marketing company didn’t quite grasp the concept he was looking for for his business. He turned to another marketing company that focused on SEO but without building any traction.

Soon Brian felt like he was throwing money at the problem but not getting the momentum he was looking for. Brian described the whole process as paying for “snake oil.” There were no tangible results, no accountability to where his marketing dollars went, and how it was going to help him find more customers.

He was looking for a marketing partner that would provide the whole package and so far no one had delivered.

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Finally Finding the Difference

Discouraged, but not ready to give up, Brian took a chance on Scorpion. With the Scorpion team, he finally began to see the difference he was looking for.

Jordan and her team worked with Brian to pinpoint growth focuses for the company, and what marketing package would best incorporate his vision. The Scorpion team realized Pilgrim Plumbing’s best bet for growth was to redesign a whole new website and broaden the hometown reach to appeal to a bigger audience. Next, they focused on target advertising with Local Service Ads and pay-per-click ads using Scorpion’s software to monitor results.

Brian and the team at Pilgrim Plumbing not only got the full package they wanted, but efforts that were transparent and digestible for the company. The Scorpion Platform software allowed Brian to access his analytics at any time, anywhere. From there, he could see how campaigns were doing in real-time, and make critical decisions based on results.

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Partnering With the Right Fit

Because Pilgrim Plumbing caters to customers in a certain geographical region, it was important to have a strong focus on reaching the local community. They optimized a budget for advertising and with the help of a fresh new website, Pilgrim Plumbing began to pick up speed.

Since launching, Brian has seen a regular increase year-over-year for organic and paid leads, an increase in website traffic, and an increase of 6.5% in positive reviews. His new website ranks for 11 critical keywords on page one and has met a critical goal for the business. Brian wanted to break a million in revenue and within one year he had surpassed his goal.

“Since joining Scorpion, I’m certain that we have almost doubled our revenue. The investment will pay for itself.”

"That was the catalyst, really, was not only just branding and rebrand but to grow. To grow the company, to take on more employees and try to build more revenue, and just be something other than a just a one-man show."

Brian Maffioli

Owner of Pilgrim Plumbing + Heating, Pilgrim Plumbing