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The Law Firm of Wayne F. Crowe Jr.

Going From a One Man Firm to Record-Breaking Closing Rates

The Law Firm of Wayne F. Crowe Jr.

Making a Name for Yourself in a Crowded Market

Having a marketing partner like Scorpion allowed Wayne to stop stressing about growth strategies and give his full attention to providing quality client relationships and managing the day-to-day growth of his practice. It wasn’t long before those six to seven thousand dollars weeks turned into $13,000 and then $18,000 and finally $35,000 weeks with consistent growth.

As his partnership evolved with Scorpion, so did the focus of his marketing campaign. Wayne and his team at Scorpion would pinpoint specific growth strategies for his firm, and react to the results each campaign brought in. “I was properly advised about how to maximize the benefits and to maximize our ability to reach out to clients and have clients reach out to us.”

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Finding a Consistent Partner in Scorpion

As Wayne’s firm started to really grow, so did his strategies with Scorpion. They were along for the journey and had solutions for every stage of his new growth “As Scorpion developed, my business developed. And they went hand-in-hand with each other. But Wayne got more than just a symbiotic relationship with his marketing team.

With a focus on client growth, Wayne’s team identified gaps in public outreach and launched campaigns that would fill them such as PPC advertising and local ads. But marketing is more than just launching campaigns and watching them sail into the horizon. Wayne’s team at Scorpion was there to monitor results and pivot according to the data. “The idea was let's start here as we become more successful, let’s put more money into it.”

Scorpion worked with Wayne to provide up-to-date growth opportunities as they learned more about his company. They also made any adjustments needed to not waste money.

On Track for Success

On Track for Success

Along with hiring Scorpion as a partner for his marketing, they have also taught Wayne a lot about marketing and growth. Wayne can now react to advertising strategies and market demand quickly and efficiently providing the best experience for potential clients. With Scorpion’s latest technology, such as Scorpion’s mobile app, Wayne benefits from not only knowing who’s visiting his website, but can keep track of customers who have requested initial consultation conversations—something that’s crucial for a busy lawyer with lots of appointments. “During a busy day, or busy practice, you can talk to somebody at 2 o’clock and you might forget their name. You may forget exactly when they called or whatever the case may be, but technology kind of opens it up, where you can immediately follow up with the client.”

Once a lone lawyer sharing an office space with five other practices, Wayne is now seeing a return four times what he put in his marketing budget and has set a pace of a 15% closing rate, far outpacing typical family law practice results.

“They have been outstanding partners every step of the way. They really make you feel like you’re part of the family, part of the team. It does surprise me in this day and age when you have a partner who is that reliable and helps you be this much of a success.”

Wayne F. Crowe Jr.

Owner of The Law Firm of Wayne F. Crowe Jr., The Law Firm of Wayne F. Crowe Jr.