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The Law Office of Aaron E. Eckman

Surviving & Thriving in a Government Shutdown

The Law Office of Aaron E. Eckman

70% of Revenue from Federal Appointment Cases

After opening their criminal defense firm in Midland, Texas, attorneys Aaron and Victoria Eckman operated their practice much like a federal public defender’s office—the majority of their work consisted of cases appointed to them by the federal court. The husband-and-wife team enjoyed a consistent flow of cases, but they eventually realized they had little control over the growth of their practice. The Law Office of Aaron E. Eckman, PLLC was at the mercy of the government’s case calendar and pay schedule—which became a problem when a government shutdown meant the firm stopped getting paid for weeks on end.

Fortunately, just a few months before the shutdown, Aaron and Victoria had hired Scorpion to help mitigate the practice’s reliance on federally appointed cases (which were tied to 70% of their revenue at the time).

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Directly Reaching Potential Clients

Switching from federal court appointments to more retained criminal cases meant The Law Office of Aaron E. Eckman had to do a better job appealing directly to potential clients—and that required the firm to have a better digital presence in order to reach people searching for an attorney online. Our Scorpion team worked with Aaron and Victoria to build up their brand, ensuring that they were both a visible and attractive choice for the exact types of potential clients they wanted for their firm.
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A Partnership Focused on Long-Term Success

In the end, Aaron and Victoria’s new digital strategy paid off. The attorneys also found that their marketing gave them a higher level of control over the cases they were able to take on. Since partnering with Scorpion and improving their digital presence, the percentage of Aaron and Victoria’s caseload of retained cases has grown from 30% to 60%, and they’re now enjoying 4-5X higher return on investment from their marketing.

Congratulations on your success, Aaron and Victoria. We’re honored to be a part of your journey!

“Thankfully, our marketing came through and we were able to get new clients through the door, generating more than $22,400 in revenue.”

Aaron Eckman

Founding Attorney, The Law Office of Aaron E. Eckman