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We build you a great website, get you more customers, keep your schedule full, get you paid faster, and have all the marketing experience you need to make more people choose you.

“When we saw what Scorpion could bring to the table, the measurable metrics that we could see, the dashboard where we could see how our stuff was working, and their willingness to meet with us as often as we needed to meet, we were in sync.”
Billy Gouty Owner, ServiceOne Air Conditioning & Plumbing
Product Solutions

There’s no business like yours. Let’s make it known.

  • Bring in more customers

    We’ll support your marketing efforts, help create any materials you need, and get you to rank higher on search engines so you bring in more customers.
  • Build your brand. Drive more leads.

    Establish a strong brand identity and attract a steady flow of leads. We'll work with you to differentiate your restoration business from your competitors, making it easy for potential clients to see the value of choosing you.
  • Manage your reputation online

    We’ll help you get more reviews from your customers and manage your reputation online with our review monitoring services.
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Restore your marketing

With Scorpion, you’ll gain access to important marketing tools that you need for your restoration business: social media, search engine optimization, and digital advertising strategies. We provide real-time reporting that will help you add new techs, enlarge your service area, increase daily calls, and improve your reputation in your community and online. 

That’s a lot of lofty promises. How will we get it done? With a marketing plan that is specific to your needs as a restoration business. 

We start by auditing your website and adding more valuable content: everything from pictures of your work, descriptions of what you offer, customer reviews and testimonials, and more. 

Then, we’ll work on your content to make sure it brings traffic (i.e. potential customers) to your site. You have valuable knowledge and when you communicate that with your audience, you’ll get more calls and book more jobs. 

With our platform, you can connect with your target audience on all the social media platforms you need, show off the work you do, and increase brand awareness locally. 

Our strategy will combine tactics like search engine advertising, social media advertising, print advertising, and more, to make it faster and easier for your company to increase sales. We improve every facet of your marketing to drive visits to your website and lead forms.

"My team at Scorpion doesn’t just build my campaigns and call it a day. They make sure to get me set up with the best strategy for reaching my long-term business goals. Scorpion is a true collaborative partner, and I can tell they care about my success."

Scott Reisack

Owner, EZ Flow Plumbing

Results that speak for themselves

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    Jorge Campos Testimonial

    With a brand new marketing team on their side, Pedro and Jorge launched a campaign with a focus on advertising and haven’t looked back.

    Yearly Lead Volume
    Organic Visits
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    Erika Schneider Testimonial

    With 50 years of serving customers, A-TEMP Heating, Cooling & Electrical was a known name, but they were virtually invisible online. Scorpion helped them gain a strong foothold in their market.

    Total Leads
    Advertising Leads
    Organic Web Traffic
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    Manny & Natasha Sanchez Testimonial
    Increase in Total Leads
    More Adverting Leads
    Increase in Organic Web Traffic
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We help thousands of businesses across North America reach their goals. Learn more from the list below.


Your wins are our wins

We partner with you to create a digital marketing strategy that works for your business, not anyone else’s. Your customers find and choose you, again and again. And you get more of what you want out of your business. Every day.

  • "The fact that I'm not even thinking about what needs to be done for my marketing on a day-to-day basis is HUGE for me. There are so many responsibilities I'm constantly juggling. When it comes to marketing, I know it’s being handled, so I don't have to worry about it."
    Shane Mays Co-owner, Leafs-U-Green Landscape Services
  • "Working with Scorpion is infinitely better than what I was doing before, which was just shotgunning money just to keep my phone ringing. There was no strategy.”
    Tim Flynn Owner & CEO, Winters Home Services
  • My marketing team at Scorpion doesn’t just build my campaigns and call it a day. They make sure to get me set up with the best strategy for reaching my long-term business goals.
    Scott Reisack Owner, EZ Flow Plumbing
  • “Since working with Scorpion, we've had nothing but record-breaking revenue months... We always hear back from our rep within 10 to 15 minutes.”
    Erika Schneider Co-Owner, A-TEMP Heating, Cooling, & Electrical
  • "Finally, a Marketing partner that I feel good about. One that has exceeded their promises and provided daily attention to our marketing channels...I couldn't be happier with my marketing strategies!"
    Dean Morgan Owner, Discount Service Electric
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