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Communications Easily engage with your customers

Customers expect to reach you how they want, when they want. We help you do just that while bringing all communications into one centralized location.

A Better Connection

Turn more visitors into leads

Upgrade your digital marketing by giving your customers more ways to work with you.

  • 100+million leads
  • 70+million phone calls
  • 1+billion visitors

One inbox. More leads.

  • Connect with customers instantly

    With our communication tools, your customers get a simple process to connect with you—including scheduling appointments and connecting with customer service.

  • In the office or on the go

    Stay connected to your customers and leads. Easily communicate with them in one place and have a history of all your communications from all channels.

  • Open for more business

    Expand the ways customers can reach you beyond just your website. Allow texts, messaging, and scheduling from Google, Bing, Facebook, Yelp, and more.

Improved Communication

Easier for you. Better for your customers and leads.

With Scorpion’s Communications Suite, we make it easier than ever for you to stay in touch with current and potential customers alike, all while enabling them to use their preferred methods of communication. 

How it works is simple. We power your website (and all of your online advertising) with technology that lets your customers contact your business however they would like. Whether they want to give you a call, send you a text, chat with someone online in the moment, or even book an appointment without talking to you at all, they can do just that. 

It’s easy. It’s painless. It makes their experience better, and by removing all barriers, you make it more likely they’ll choose to contact you.

But the magic doesn’t stop there.

We then make it easier for you and your team. 

We take all of those various forms of communicating with your business and pull them into one, centralized inbox for you to manage. So while your customers have a breadth of options, you don’t need to monitor a million places to stay on top of the latest message. You simply need to log into Scorpion, and you’ll have everything there, ready for you to reply, proactively send a text, and more.

Even better? That centralized inbox includes everything you need to know about your customer. From previous conversations to internal notes left by your team, you’ll have everything at your fingertips to keep the conversation flowing.

"When I hear Scorpion, I think about click and it's done. I really can't equate it to another company that I've done business with. They get it."

Tim Flynn

Winters Home Services
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Streamlining your communication

“Since working with Scorpion, we've had nothing but record-breaking revenue months... We always hear back from our rep within 10 to 15 minutes.”
Erika Schneider Co-Owner, A-TEMP Heating, Cooling, & Electrical

Improve your customer's experience

More ways to communicate means more leads. Experience the power of one inbox and more leads, today.


Learn more about the communications suite

From tools on your website, to texting directly, to requesting an appointment with you on the most popular sites, Scorpion communications does it all.

  • Can I access my communications from my phone?

    Yes! With Scorpion’s mobile app, you can stay on top of your communications, no matter where you are. Your unified inbox is accessible from your phone, letting you and your team stay in contact with your customers on the go.

  • Can customers text me even if they aren't on the website?

    Yes, for your customers, texting with you will be like texting someone in their family! They’ll simply add your business phone number as a contact and send you a message from their cell phone. That text message will then show up in the Communications Suite, and you’ll be able to reply to them from your computer or via the mobile app.

  • Can I see a history of all messages with each person?

    When you log into the Communications Suite, you’ll be able to see all information related to a communication in one central place, including a history of all previous messages. You’ll be able to easily stay on top of a conversation, regardless of whether they previously left you a voicemail, sent you a text, or even emailed you!