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The best way to improve your business is with feedback. We provide you the tools and team to run constant surveys with your customers to learn more about ways to improve your marketing, reputation, and business.

Ask the right Questions

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Gather customer input to improve your business

  • Ask the right questions

    Want feedback from your customers? Sending a survey is an easy way to know exactly how they feel. Easily create surveys that ask the right questions!

  • Empower customer feedback

    Sending a survey helps you understand your customer better. They also allow your customers to have a voice, which helps create loyalty to your brand.

  • Understand the results

    The power of surveys is the intel you receive. Use the information from surveys to make business decisions to help you run your best business. 

Get to know your customers

Get the feedback that matters, for you and your customers

Customer research is a crucial part of improving your business and understanding your customers' needs and preferences. At Scorpion, we believe frequent customer surveys are an effective way to gather valuable insights that can help your business thrive.

Our team works closely with you to develop a customized survey strategy tailored to your business goals. We help you determine what questions to ask, when to ask them, and how to automate the process to make it as efficient as possible.

With Scorpion's advanced survey technology and marketing systems, we can send out targeted surveys to your customers to gather feedback and insights that can inform your marketing strategy, streamline your processes, and even identify new opportunities for growth. Whether it's a simple question about their recent experience or an open-ended query about how you can improve your business, our surveys are designed to elicit valuable feedback that you can act upon.

The insights you gain from customer surveys can help you improve your customer experience, refine your services, and ultimately drive business growth. By partnering with Scorpion, you'll have access to the tools and expertise you need to leverage the power of customer research and take your business to the next level.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about how Scorpion can help you build a successful customer survey strategy.

"Since adding Scorpion our revenue has more than tripled, we've expanded into new cities, and are servicing more customers. The technology Scorpion uses is above anything I have ever seen."

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Any more questions?

  • How can surveys help my business?
    Getting consistent feedback from your customers is crucial for building a strong business and loyal following. It can be as simple as asking on a scale of 1-10 on how satisfied they are to more in depth questions about the service your company gave them. That information can help you improve your service for the next set of customers and provide a great experience.
  • What questions should I ask my customers in a survey?
    When designing a customer survey, it's important to ask questions that will provide you with valuable insights into your customers' experiences and opinions. Typically, questions will relate to a few different things including the service itself, interaction with staff, setting up the appointment, billing, or anything that a customer interacted with during the process. For example, questions might be: On a scale of 1-10, how was your service? Would you recommend us to a friend? What could we have improved today?