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As a busy bankruptcy lawyer, you have enough on your plate. That's why Scorpion is here to help you meet your goals and bring your firm to the next level.

"Scorpion really has not only increased my business, but it's taken away the pressure and the fear that I wasn't keeping up in the marketplace, that my advertising was falling behind."
Angie Seymour Partner, Law Firm of Seymour & Associates, P.C.
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There’s no business like yours. Let’s make it known.

  • 20+ years in bankruptcy law marketing

    We understand the complexities of marketing your bankruptcy practice. We created our easy-to-use platform with firms like yours in mind.
  • Marketing strategies designed for you

    We help you stay ahead of the competition! We learn about your ideal clients and tailor your marketing efforts to reach them.
  • Results you can see

    Our technology platform gives you full transparency in your marketing efforts. Easily check on your firm’s progress with easy-to-understand dashboards.
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Marketing strategies for your firm

As a bankruptcy lawyer, you meet your clients during one of the most difficult times in their lives. To be a bankruptcy lawyer requires a unique level of compassion. At Scorpion, we understand that an attorney in this field wears many hats, and every day might look slightly different. In a busy field of work that seems to be constantly changing, we want to be the marketing powerhouse you know you can count on.

We have dedicated more than 20 years to perfecting marketing services for every firm we serve. When it comes to landing new clients, one of the best places to start is a killer website. With Scorpion, your website and digital content will have all the assets you might need, such as videos, design elements, blogs, landing pages, and more.

Beyond that, we will make sure your content is optimized for search engines so the right clients will find you when they need you the most. Word-of-mouth marketing used to be the name of the game in the legal field. Nowadays, most of your clients will find you through a simple search, a paid ad, or your social media pages, and we don’t want you to miss out on a single one of them. 

We are more than just another marketing agency – we are your partner, and we utilize our cutting-edge technology to create custom plans for your firm. We even give you access to a comprehensive dashboard that lets you track your marketing efforts in real-time. In other words, understanding exactly where your marketing dollars are going just got a whole lot easier. With guidance from a team that truly wants to see you succeed, you can rest assured that your firm’s goals are our goals too. 

"Since adding Scorpion, our revenue has more than tripled, we've expanded into new cities, and are servicing more customers. The technology Scorpion uses is above anything I have ever seen."

Joy Owenby

Owenby Law

Results that speak for themselves

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    Jason Itkin Testimonial

    Attorneys Kurt Arnold and Jason Itkin had the dream of fighting for and helping people who were going through the most difficult times. They partnered with Scorpion to make sure that they could reach those very people—where they change lives every single day.

    Increase in Total Leads
    More Cases
    Increase in Organic Web Traffic
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    Jason Helsel Testimonial

    Fowler | Helsel | Vogt was poised to take their personal injury practice to the next level. All they needed was a marketing partner who cared as much as they do.

    Increase in Web Traffic
    Increase in Advertising Leads
    Increase in Total Leads
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    Charla Aldous Testimonial

    After a rebrand that focused on her passion for client advocacy, Charla Walker of Aldous \ Walker LLP received one of her largest birth injury cases—and hasn't stopped winning.

    Increase in Total Leads
    More Advertising Leads
    Increase in Web Traffic
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We partner with you to create a strategy that works for your business, not anyone else’s. Your ideal customers can find and choose you, again and again—and you get more of what you want out of your business. Every day.

  • "Scorpion really has not only increased my business, but it's taken away the pressure and the fear that I wasn't keeping up in the marketplace, that my advertising was falling behind."
    Angie Seymour Partner, Law Firm of Seymour & Associates, P.C.
  • “When I opened my Santa Ana office, I was dealing with new challenges because that market is a lot more competitive and more expensive from an advertising standpoint. My marketing team helped me figure out how to set up my campaigns differently for that area and gain a greater level of exposure without breaking my budget.”
    Andy Nguyen Founder & Principal Lawyer, Nguyen Law Group
  • "No matter where I go, I run into someone who recognizes me from my online marketing—whether that’s someone at the grocery store or my Uber driver. I take that as a sign that my local branding is working—and it’s clear to see from the volume of calls and cases I get each month."
    Ashkan Yekrangi Attorney, Yekrangi & Associates
  • “Scorpion means an extension of my family. Without them, I wouldn’t be opening my fifth location. I wouldn’t be where I’m at with the ability to take more time off and not worry about whether we have enough calls coming in, or enough leads."
    Joy Owenby Owner & Managing Member, Owenby Law, P.A.
  • "We have been thrilled to work with the Scorpion team. They are the best at what they do. And because of them, we will be able to better protect our clients' rights."
    Jason Itkin Founder, Arnold & Itkin LLP
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